Mulhouse Visit Provisionally Planned for Early May.

We’ve held back on the visit to Mulhouse until early summer – the first week in May being our provisional timeslot.  We thought that this would encourage more people to come along.  As stated before, the plan is to visit the Cite du Train where Chemin de Fer de l’Est Crampton No. 80 ‘Le Continent’ is on display.  We’ll be contacting the senior museum staff with a view to putting on something special for us, such as archive film of the locomotive in action . . . the best possible outcome, of course, would be for the loco. to be in steam, but this is probably too much to ask, and would depend on its mechanical state.   Of course, there is a whole museum to explore, and its recent ‘revamp’ means that the displays are both exciting and attractive.

In addition to the Cite du Train, there is the large Automotive Museum in the same town, with its famous collection of Bugattis.  In the neighbouring town of Colmar, there is the Bugatti works, with its own private collection.  If we spend three days in Mulhouse, we can visit both attractions without rushing, and we can also explore the area a little and sample its attractions.

We aim to fly to Basel/Mulhouse from Gatwick by Easyjet.  Details of total costs per person will be on this blog as soon as they have been calculated.

Good Progress Made with Funding.

Following our online debut, good progress has been made with funding, the total now standing at a very pleasing £55.000.  This means that we have sufficient money to pay for the complete engineering drawings package, and we’ve passed on the good news to Graham Morris and David Potter.  When he has time to spare from his other pressing commitments, Graham will resume work on the boiler, and, in the meantime, David is tackling the unusual piston feature of the safety valves.  More drawings will appear online as the arrive.

Graham and David agree that the overall cost of the project will be in the region of £750,000, as we originally anticipated.  When the time comes, we will formally request them to take on the project management.  While this will entail greater initial expense, we take the view that proper professional management will actually save money in the long run, and ensure that no costly, time-consuming mistakes are made.

Proposed Trip to cite du Train at Mulhouse.

We’re hoping to organise a three-day visit to the French National Railway Museum ( Cite du Train ) at Mulhouse in Eastern France, where we can view the magnificent preserved Crampton locomotive ‘Le Continent’.  It’s actually in working order, so we will be making enquiries as to whether it is likely to be in operation when we’re there.  In addition, we’ll be contacting the Bugatti Museum, so classic car enthusiasts will have the chance to see the impressive collection of vintage Bugattis, as well as the permanent exhibition of artifactrs and documents relating to the company’s history.