We need as many active supporters as possible to build and run a new Crampton locomotive. Just as important will be the research to be carried out, the educational resources and projects we can develop and the friendship links we forge with enthusiasts and professionals all over the world.

If you have any time and skills to offer, or simply want to find out more about how you could help, please contact us by e-mail at:


In particular, we want to set up a Supporters’ Club as soon as possible, and will need volunteers to staff and operate it.

When we first launched this website, we aimed to raise £55,000 to pay for the production of a complete set of engineering diagrams for the building of the locomotive.  We are now delighted to announce that this sum has already been raised, and a great deal of progress has been made.  You may look at some of the completed drawings on the appropriate page of this site.

As work progresses, we will publish regular updates, and separate appeals will be launched for individual components.